2 Fav Camis that keep the Girls Happy

Padded Bra Shelf Camis

Every hardworking girl needs… support… for her girls. I my case, I don’t want the constricting, hold them there and don’t move, kind of support. I want a gentle and caressing support that also camouflages the perks that the good Lord gave me. You know what I mean – under-garments that show off my girls without letting them show off.

For me, support needs to come from a cami, not a bra. I have not worn a traditional bra in several years, not since I found out that bras likely caused the clogged lymph nodes in my arms.

My old traditional bras created pressure points under my armpits and across my back. The pressure points squeezed my lymph system to the point of pressurizing my lymph nodes into hard little balls. I spent hundreds of dollars on lymph massages and spent hours in showers trying to loosen up the nodes before I discovered the cause. Bras were killing my arms, one lymph vessel at a time.

I switched to bra shelf camis. My girls are not large, and I don’t really need the abundant support of a traditional bra. I wore my new favorite bra shelf cami daily – winter, spring, summer and fall. Well, my old camis are worn out and the company quit making them. Now I am on a hunt for a new favorite.

I used online reviews of padded bra shelf camis to narrow my cami purchases down to two: the KEALLI Sports Camisole Built-in Bra Adjustable Straps and the HBY Padded Bra Cami with Adjustable Straps. Here is my journey to my new fav cami.

KEALLI – A Bra Cami for C-Cups and Up

I give the KEALLI Women’s Sports Camisole with Built-in Bra a thumbs up for ladies with size-C gals or larger. My gals only rate a B-C, and the KEALLI is definitely not a great fit for them. The cups are stiff and dig into the rib cage. I can only suppose that, if my gals were a bit more robust, the cups would not dig into my ribcage. The cup also hangs down a bit, hence the thought that the KEALLI may be a good fit for ladies with a more robust bust.

The bra cups were so stiff that I felt like I had two foam drinking cups stuck onto the front of my gals.

Update – after a few washes, the cups have softened up alot! I can really enjoy wearing this cami now.

On the other hand, the shape of the KEALLI cup makes my gals appear younger. The cups have an uplifting shape, adding a definate aura of perkiness to my gals. This is an interesting look for 40 mid-forties lady.

The biggest downside of this cami is that it kept riding up. The other brands I tried rode up too too, but I felt that the KEALLI was a bit worse.

Day one wearing the KEALLI was an office day.  It rode up my tummy a couple times, but it wasn’t too bad. My old camis never rode up. The deal-breaker came when I left the office. I headed to the stables and the KEALLI became ride-up central. 

I go to the stables to ride a horse, not to have the KEALLI ride up my belly line.

It wasn’t aerobics class, but every time I reached for something, the cami inched a bit further to my navel. I don’t know how you feel, but a bunched up cami that is stuck above my 40-year-old belly-honor-badge is uncomfortable and distracting.

When I got home, I played with tightening up the bra strap, to see if that would solve the cup chafing issue.

Update – tightening the straps relieved some of the chafing but not all. By the end of the day, I had had enough of the chafing.

Another oddity about the KEALLI is that the fabric bunched up along the neckline, above the bra shelf. I wonder if this is also due to the stiffness of the pads.

Bunched up fabric on the KEALLI camisole

HBY – A Brand I plan to do more business with.

The HBY Womens Camisole with Built in Shelf Padded Bra fits like a glove. The modal cloth is soft and molds to my curves. My favorite ultra-thin long-johns are also made of modal, so I knew what to expect for the feel of the fabric. The softness did not disappoint. Exceptional.

The pads on the HBY don’t dig in. In fact, I’d say the pads caress. The adjustable straps are comfortable. Nothing pinches, pulls, or causes bulging. I’d say that, for me, the fit is perfect.

The HBY cami does sometimes ride up. So far, I have had good luck keeping the HBY in place if I remember to tuck it in. Since the modal fabric is super soft, the riding up doesn’t bother me as much as the Kealy.

As much as I love this cami, I don’t recommend wearing it as an only layer. I purchased mine to be under shirts, bra substitutes, not a stand alone cami.

If are looking for a cami to wear as your primary top, I’d look elsewhere. The modal fabric caresses the bra cups in just the same way as it caresses my gals. You can see the bra cup through the fabric. Not a flattering stand-alone look.

All in all I find the HBY cami to be the ultimate in comfort. It is the cami I reach for first. I have even taken to washing extra loads of laundry just so my one solitary HBY is ready to wear again sooner.

I think I need to buy more.

Update: I added a second HBY cami to my wardrobe. In black.

HBY camis come in two styles: with or without adjustable bra straps. My black cami falls in the without category. Oddly, it doesn’t ride up as much as the white cami does. I think I need to buy more of both styles to see if this is a fluke or a trend. I also need to buy the HBY Mini Camisole Crop Top and give them a try.

Results: I love my HBY’s. The Kealy’s are my gals’ friends too.

Tell me about your favorite wardrobe finds! Sharing is good for your journey.

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