About Me

Welcome to Liz Journals. This is your journey too. 

Within Liz Journals, you will find stories stolen from real life. The topics may vary, but they all have one central theme: helping. Thank you for reading.

My Story

When I was a young girl playing tag around the lilac bushes, my life’s purpose discovered me. In the middle of tag, I ran up to my mum and exclaimed “I am here to help people!” Mum’s response: “Are you sure?” And off I raced.

I never forgot that epiphany even as life took over.  I graduated from school, went to college, got married, started a business, started a family, closed a business, moved across the country, and found a job that had a flexible schedule so I could still be Mum. I never forgot it.  My epiphany, “I am here to help people,” that never happened, not really. That is what happens when life takes over.

Then, the second epiphany happened.  It was like a bubble rose up from within me and popped.  I knew. I knew that I could help people by sharing things that helped me.  Little things, like products that actually worked as advertised.  Big things, like dealing with the stress of raising a special needs child.

Not all the stories are stolen from my life. All lives are fair game here. After all, this is your journey too.

My name is Liz. These are my Journals.  I hope they help.

Liz Journals



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